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“Cease Fire” 1953, 3D-Blu-ray 2017

Hervorragende Restaurierung, wichtiger Anti-Kriegs-Film, sehr zu empfehlen. Achtung: Regionalcode A.

Review auf Englisch.

I just got my copy of "CEASE FIRE" on 3-D Blu-ray in the mail.
It's the latest restoration from the 3-D FILM ARCHIVE.
I read a lot about the movie on their website
but now, as I actually saw the movie myself,
I know, I could not have imagined a bit of what a huge impression it would make on me.
Almost everytime the 3-D FILM ARCHIVE releases a new restored 3-D movie from the Golden Age
of 1953/54 together with KINO LORBER, 3-D movie lovers hail these efforts with superlatives.
Only this time I'm kind of lacking the words.
I am speechless about what an outstanding movie CEASE FIRE is
and why it has not the place in movie history it deserves.

CF is incredibly well staged for 3-D,
it was taken on the original battlefields of Korea at the very end of the war in 1953.
The soldiers are real soldiers, not actors.
The sound design is incredibly dynamic. (Since the original stereophonic tapes are lost,
the stereophonic sound was newly created for this release.
In my opinion, the technical oscar goes to Eckhard Büttner for working such marvels!)

3-D movie makers can learn a lot watching CF. It's state-of-the-art staging in space.
Watching CF projected in 3-D sucks you right into the action on screen.
The semi-documentary look gives a feeling of "this is real",
no hollywoodish style of soldiers dying still in make up.
Of course, nobody in CF dies in reality on screen,
but the way it is filmed together with audio and image montage
impresses me enough to ask myself once again: what is a war good for?

Cease Fire is a good comparison to "All Quiet On The Western Front", well,sort of.
I think, they both deliver a peacfull message, AQOTWF in another way than CF,
but they both work well.

Once again, Kino Lorber was able to only get licenses for a region code A release.
So if you are not living in that kind of territory,
with this 3-D Blu-ray release the purchase of a multi-region player grew mandatory,
if it wasn't yet.
Thanks to Jack Theakston, Bob Furmanek, Greg Kintz, Thad Komorowski and Eckhard Büttner
for securing this movie for future generations.

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